Getting the planning right on any project is vital. Just as important is ensuring that your plan is understood and taken on board by all involved in its delivery. Neglecting to do either is a recipe for failure. 

The Silver Difference

Silver can help you to do both. We have the expertise, gained on the contractor side of the business, to ensure that your planning is detailed and robust. And we have a range of bespoke techniques to communicate your plans clearly and comprehensively.

Our involvement can begin at any stage. We can prepare a Whole Life programme from scratch or carry out a robust analysis of third-party programmes or tender proposals.

Our independent and objective standpoint is key. If we believe a target completion date is unrealistic, we will tell you. At the same time, we will draw on our in-depth understanding of the processes and factors involved to recommend changes that could expedite your project and minimise the risk of costly overruns.

Once you have a programme, we can tailor its communication, using GANNT charts or creating 4D animations which help to make the technical understandable for stakeholders without specific construction expertise.

Our involvement throughout the life of a project can also prove invaluable. By conducting independent progress assessments, we spot potential issues and advise on programme adjustments to absorb or mitigate their impact, and we can assess claims for time extensions.

What we do

  • Whole Life Programming. A comprehensive and clear vision and strategy detailing all the critical milestones from conception to completion.
  • Logistics.  We can produce full construction management plans to help with planning applications and develop them to meet construction-based, logistic planning conditions.
  • Project Logistic Mapping.  Simple but highly effective communication of the programme stages in a graphical presentation.
  • 4D Planning. By animating the BIM model, we can make the programme fully comprehensible, as well as comparing progress and modelling ‘What If?’ scenarios.
  • Tender Analysis. We help clients to choose the most robust programme and logistical response.
  • Programme Health Check. A critical review of an existing programme can provide reassurance that the most efficient solution has been chosen.
  • Independent Progress Assessment. An objective check can provide a clearer view of project issues and potential solutions.
  • Matrix and Line of Balance Planning. Our bespoke schedules can help contractors inform the whole team about the milestones to be reached and also allow monitoring of the trades involved.
  • Extension of Time Claims. We can assess these and also respond on behalf of the contractor.

How can we help?

Please contact Paul for more details of our Planning, Programming and Logistics Services.

Paul Fuller


Managing Associate. Planning, Programme and Logistics

Paul has 18 years main contracting experience and has a background in Construction Management. For the last decade Paul has worked in a planning function leading preconstruction tender planning departments and operational/live project planning teams

“I have a real passion for planning and logistics. Bringing a scheme to life, unravelling problems and mapping a concise route to a timely completion, to everyone’s satisfaction, is an amazing feeling. Silver offers a full spectrum of planning solutions and my function works across all our services. That encourages genuine teamwork which is the essence of the ‘Silver difference’. With our whole-life approach to projects, no two days are the same but collaboration and communication is a constant – one team, one dream!”