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Career Development and Progression

Make your academic and professional goals and reality with us

Nothing gives us greater pleasure than when our colleagues meet their academic or professional goals; whether this be completing a Higher National Certificate (HNC), a degree, or becoming chartered having passed the relevant professional competency assessments.

Together, we will identify your academic and professional aspirations and formulate a plan for achieving them. We have a proud record of supporting our colleagues in meeting their aspirations and we will work with you to do the same, including providing financial support, knowledge and experience from senior colleagues and, of course, time.

Training and development

Our excellence training centre (ETC) offers easy access to a wide range of CPD training and soft skills courses. In addition, a programme of courses in partnership with GBC and and Pitman Training supports learning and development in key administration, personal and management development skills.

You’ll be helping to build our clients vision and make them a reality so why not develop one of your own. Make your career goals a reality with us.

See below our Silver thread of some of our colleagues who did just that.

The Silver Thread of career journeys

Something unique about Silver is that when people join our business, they stay and develop their career with us. It is this longevity that shapes our business, embeds valuable knowledge, and delivers cohesive succession and legacy. It is this longevity upon which our business continues to thrive.

And, we have a story to tell.


Sarah Odell, Managing Director

A long time ago, about 15 years or so, when we were a smaller practice of 10 surveyors in the Tower Bridge Road, Sarah Odell joined as Associate Partner. She worked alongside Tony Iannaccone from the start of planning for the UK’s first Eco Town, NW Bicester. It was soon afterwards that Ashley Coull who was in his final year of a Building Surveying degree, came on board as a Trainee Project Manager.


Ashley Coull, Associate Director

All projects were Partner-led, so Ashley started his career working under the mentorship of Tony and Sarah. He was subsequently involved in the delivery of our largest projects –NW Bicester and CQ London. It is through this model, of hands-on guidance and support that presents the grounding for Ashley and other colleagues to take forward the mentoring mantle and for the business to plan future succession.


Dillon Bourke, Senior Associate

When Dillon Bourke joined our Project Management and Cost Team at Graduate level five years later, he embarked on a three-year quantity surveying degree at South Bank University. Ashley was involved in mentoring and managing Dillon from the start of his journey at Silver. As part of our graduate programme, Ashley worked with Dillon to ensure his university studies reflected any training and development plans and from there, monitored progress against project tasks and provided support.

Quote from Dillon

“There is a collaborative mentoring culture at Silver which means you are constantly learning from everyone, whilst also having a direct point of contact for when you need support. This has been a major help in progressing my career and I’m glad that I can now pass that on to others as they start out in the industry.”

The rest is history. Both Ashley and Dillon have successfully developed their careers at Silver. Ashley is Assistant Director, Construction – and still mentoring. Dillon is Senior Project Manager and has responsibility for leading a range of complex projects. He still has Ashley as support when he needs guidance or advice. Even better, as part of the Silver Thread, Dillon is now mentoring Dan McKane, who is one of our next graduate generation.


Dan Mckane, Associate Quantity Surveyor

Dan McKane, who joined five years ago, is in his final year of a quantity surveying degree and is reporting to Dillon.

Quote from Dan

“The mentoring and support I have received at Silver has been hugely beneficial in both my personal and professional development. Reporting to Dillon, I have someone who not only has knowledge of the industry to assist with any queries I may have, but also has experienced the very same route I am following at university.

In addition to this, listening and being present along side other experienced colleagues, whether on site, in the office or at meetings, while also completing my degree, I have had the platform I needed to take my career to the next level. I have now completed my studies at London Southbank University and am excited to see what the future holds.”

Our philosophy is that we invest time in our people so they start with a strong foundation that allows them to move forward and thrive in their careers. And it is working well. We strive to ensure that there are opportunities for people to develop and take varying career routes paths and we are proud that we can support them. We are certain, whatever people choose to do, that they will be equipped to continue to enjoy a successful and fulfilling career. It is our focus for the future: and it is essential for our industry to bring forward the talent of future generations where we all continue to learn, work collaboratively and with integrity…

and many more years to come

Come and speak to us about your career and be part of our story...