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Our Graduate and Apprenticeship Opportunities

Silver strives to be future focused in the development of our business and services. And key to this is the commitment supporting our people who choose to join our industry.

With tailored programmes that work closely with our apprentices’ studies, our experienced professional teams provide guidance to enable them to apply their knowledge practically.

We are excited to be part of a longer-term strategy in the industry that nurtures, encourages and inspires future generations of professional experts.


We offer placements for graduates who are looking to develop successful careers construction and business management roles.

From day one, they benefit from a tailored programme designed to work hand-in-hand with their studies and coursework. As well as gaining practical experience from working in the field, they also gain invaluable guidance and advice from a senior professional allocated to them as a mentor.


If you’re an A-level leaver starting out in your construction career, we are here to support you from first step with a tailored mentor programme to support your through your studies.

Many of our colleagues began their career through an apprenticeship with us, and are always on hand to help to guide our current apprentices through their studies as well.

What our apprentices say

“Listening and being present around a lot of the other, more experienced members of the team, whether it be on site, in the office or in meetings, while also completing my degree has given me the platform I needed to take my career to the next level. I completed my studies and graduated from London Southbank University in the Summer of 2023 and I am excited to see what the future holds.”

Dan McKane

“Undertaking my studies whilst working in the industry surrounded by experienced colleagues gives me the perfect opportunity to progress my career and allows me to practice what is being preached in the classroom. Seeing others within the company follow a similar path is both refreshing and motivational given the heights they have reached at Silver. I look forward to completing my degree whilst knowing I can lean on wise shoulders within the company, should it be needed.”

George Layton

“Being around a team of knowledgeable and driven people has inspired me to develop my skills and explore the workplace and what I can bring to it. One of the things I love the most about doing an apprenticeship with Silver is being able to learn on the job. The shift towards hands-on and practical learning has allowed me to develop key skills and put me on the route for a rewarding career which will allow me to grow both professionally and personally.”

Ella Pilbeam

“Since starting my journey at Silver, I have felt welcomed, comfortable and appreciated by everyone. Help and advice has been handed to me whenever I have needed it, this has been a huge key in developing my learning. Through listening in the office and going on regular site visits with the more experienced members of the team, I know I have the perfect platform to be successful in this career.”

Tom Mack