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Planning Project Management

Starting from project inception, the numerous competing and complex tasks associated
with the planning process need to be prioritised, coordinated and carefully managed.

The Silver Difference

We have a Team of specialists who are dedicated to managing the pre-construction stages, whether this is planning applications or RIBA Stage 3 and 4 design. This enables a complete focus on the vitally important pre-construction stage of projects.

We are highly experienced in taking detailed planning applications from 15 homes to c1700 homes from inception to receipt of robust and implementable planning consents and are uniquely placed to deliver this service.

We have developed and refined a detailed planning stage programme. This is totally logic linked and allows us to accurately identify the key aspects including the expected planning submission dates, when appointments need to be made, what is needed in terms of engagement and the review and sign-off process. We adapt this for each project and each client as all processes are different.

Being solely focused on planning projects we are aware of impending regulatory and policy changes and work with our trusted consultants to solve issues on a project-by-project basis. We are also enviably placed to apply any learning outcomes across a multitude of projects to rapidly identify and mitigate potential issues.

We have created a suite of detailed scoping and deliverable documents for RIBA stage 2 and 3 planning submissions.  This translates into a Design Deliverables Matrix so that all consultants can see who is responsible for each deliverable. This further ensures there are no gaps in information or scope creep.

We can build the planning team on behalf of our clients, create scoping documents, evaluate and compare consultant fee proposals before concluding the official issue of a Recommendation for Award that ensures total transparency of the entire planning process.

How we manage the coordination of technical information, the implication of design works and survey outputs for each discipline ensures a fully coordinated process and project programme is successfully delivered.

What we do

Our Team are genuine experts in the planning process and well versed in proactively project managing Outline and Detailed Planning applications.
We plan, manage, monitor and drive your planning applications to successfully achieve robust, implementable planning consents.
The real value that comes from our preconstruction services is allowing you as the client to concentrate on being ‘the client and for the other consultants to fully concentrate on their area of specialism.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Understanding of construction constraints and application to planning stage works
  • Total focus on the preconstruction process
  • Supply chain of trusted specialists to call upon to support planning works
  • Detailed scope of services for all specialists required for the planning process
  • Understanding of the Environmental Impact Assessment process
    Project leadership
  • Genuine understanding of all specialisms involved in the planning process
  • Suite of documents developed to manage the planning process
  • Recommended by Planning Consultants
  • Ability to apply learning across multiple projects

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Darren Nolan

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