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Our services

By combining the best of contractor, design and consultancy expertise, we bring an unrivalled level of insight to any challenge. That’s why so many clients, in the public and private sectors, return to work with us year after year, and trust us to deliver every time.

Delivering client satisfaction

The core strength within our business is the range of services to get projects off on the right foot from the start. It is from here we continue to add value at every stage. We align service, people and experience to fulfil the needs of the project and leave clients with absolute certainty of the end product.

This is reinforced by the number of clients who are still working with us after decades and our long serving teams continue to deliver exceptional outcomes.


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Building Safety

We provide solutions to address Client property cladding concerns.

Building Surveying

Building surveying has been at the heart of Silver’s operation from the first and our team of qualified surveyors has an invaluable contribution to make at every stage of a building’s life.

Construction Management

Construction Management is a flexible procurement route that provides the client with control  of the project.

Cost Consultancy

Every Client wants the best results delivered on time and within budget, and planning and managing costs is vital.

CDM/Health and Safety

We have tailored our services and procedures to specifically provide all our Clients with robust arrangements, capable of ensuring compliance with the CDM Regulations 2015.

Design Management

Our commitment to ensuring that every planning approval aligns with Client aspirations and budget is key to delivering a successful development. We closely oversee design due diligence, coordination, and programme management to enhance certainty, identify risks, and implement effective mitigation measures.

Employer’s Agent

We have been acting as Employer’s Agent for clients in the private and public sectors for 30 years and, in that time, the role has evolved significantly.

Fund Monitoring

An established professional specialist service that focuses on development project risks to manage and protect a lender’s interests whilst driving a successful development to completion and handover.

Joint Venture Supervisor

We understand the true value and collaborative benefits of JV partnerships, and we integrate these principles into our service delivery, functioning as a cohesive project team. Drawing upon over a decade of Joint Ventures expertise, we have effectively managed an exceptional array of JV contracts

Party Wall and Licence Matters

Party wall matters, boundary disputes and the issues around neighbouring properties can be highly complex. Our experience Party Wall Surveyors can assist you with all Party Wall matters.

Planning Project Management

With experts from contractor and consultancy backgrounds, along with established systems in place, we possess unique qualifications to efficiently meet all requirements while prioritising the client’s best interests throughout

Property and Asset Management

By applying a team of property specialists from a diverse range of specialisms, we are able to tailor our service and delivery teams to precisely meet the unique needs of your project.

Project Management

We are asked to oversee projects from concept to delivery and that requires a rare breadth and strength of expertise and experience.

Quality Management

When it comes to quality, the Silver team is committed to the most exacting standards. ‘That will do’ is never good enough. We look harder, we pay attention to every detail, and we constantly challenge what we see 

Sustainability and Retrofit

We consider each home in its entirety, looking at not just energy consumption but also at resident comfort, aesthetics, heritage and long term maintenance needs.