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Fund Monitoring

Lender monitoring, also known as loan monitoring, bank monitoring, project monitoring and independent monitoring surveying, is an established professional specialist service that focuses on development project risks in order to manage and protect the interests of a lender whilst driving a successful development to completion and handover.

The Silver Difference

Lenders will be investing substantial sums of money in projects that will inevitably carry risk, and which rely on developers, contractors and project delivery team decisions and performance, so ensuring it is properly executed is vital.

Construction projects continue to suffer substantial challenges (construction cost fluctuations; material and labour shortages; changes in legislation; etc.) and it is imperative that an independent interrogation, guidance and monitoring role is considered.

With our blend of chartered surveyors, cost consultants, project managers, construction managers, quality control, health and safety and party wall specialists our Lender monitoring team can ensure all risks are positively mitigated before they impact project timeline and/or cost.

Our role typically starts prior to construction and continues through the build until final completion. By applying our professional expertise to a project, we are able to ensure the development work lives up to standard and expectation, therefore protecting the lender’s interests.

What we do

The Silver Lender Monitoring team have an appropriate level of industry experience and a thorough understanding of the development process, providing a focus on:

  • Technical due diligence and initial project risk evaluation report
  • Financial interrogation (construction costs; development appraisal; cash flow)
  • Programme adequacy
  • Procurement & building contract adequacy
  • Statutory, regulatory, and legislative compliance
  • Construction phase progress reporting and drawdowns
  • Contractual obligations
  • Quality of the work
  • Close out report and exit

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