Decarbonisation Feasibility Surveys

Multiple surveys of Council properties in Richmond and Wandsworth

Our Building Surveying team was engaged by the London Borough of Richmond and Wandsworth to carry out climate and decarbonisation feasibility surveys of various sites within their operational portfolio.

This is part of the commitment outlined in the borough’s climate strategy towards becoming carbon neutral by 2030 and the audits undertaken by our team have identified areas where there is potential opportunity to reduce energy consumption and carbon footprint.

Our team surveyed a range of buildings including the town hall, libraries, sport and leisure centres, commercial offices, youth centres, galleries, outdoor pools, car parks, community centres, civic centre, park buildings, and cemetery buildings. Some of these buildings are Grade I/II Listed.

The outcome of these surveys and reports has enabled our client to prioritise and programme works to achieve a reduction in carbon footprint which in turn reduces costs. This includes the installation of solar PVs, air source heat pumps, plant upgrades, pipe insulation, boiler replacements, radiators and thermostatic radiator valve upgrades, window replacements or secondary glazing, insulated walls, ceilings, and floors.

London Borough of Richmond

Climate and Decarbonisation Feasibility Surveys
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